Do Granite Countertops Get Damaged With Heat

Granite countertops are known to be strong and durable, which is why a lot of people prefer this material in their kitchens because it is low maintenance and easy to look after. While damage can happen on contact with water, moisture, stains, impacts, etc. let’s see how granite kitchen countertops react and endure under a lot of heat.

The Answer Lies In Its Composition

Generally, the heat resistance of different materials can be determined by the depth from which they are mined. Marble, for example, has a very low heat resistance, because it is found at a very shallow depth inside the Earth.

Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock, by composition, and it is usually formed under the impact of high temperature and pressure. These rocks are crystallized after the high heat melts down the fragments. These rocks are found deep inside the Earth and their origin is mostly close to the hottest part of Earth and that is the core. They are very strong and highly heated, which changes the chemical and thermal composition of the crystals, making it highly resistant towards heat.

This is why it is considered that granite has no significant effect on contact with heat, because it is naturally quite heat resistant but it can’t be said for artificial granite countertops. But that still doesn’t mean that it has no effect on the impact of heat at all. Under some conditions, granite can get damaged on contact with heat, which will be discussed below.

General Heat Resistance Of Granite

Generally, the heat resistance of granite is about 1200-degree Fahrenheit. Until this point, there is no damage whatsoever in the surface of granite. Any heat value about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit can be the cause of damage to the surface of granite countertops.

Keeping this in mind, granite countertops, however, don’t get damaged when a hot pot or pan is placed on top of its surface for a reasonable period of time. This heat from a pot or pan is within the 1200 degrees Fahrenheit range and this will not cause any discoloration or damage to the countertop itself. But if you still are worried about the countertop being discolored it is a good thing to have metal trivets and heat pads on the surface of the granite countertops so that you can place your hot pans and pots on them, instead of the bare countertop surface.

What Happens Under Extreme Hot Temperatures?

So, let’s say that your granite countertops are exposed to sunlight a lot. This is not significantly damaging to the countertop but the effect of outdoor sunlight over time can surely discolor the granite. You might be able to see this from noticing considerable changes in the pattern and color of the countertop. This is known as a thermal shock. A thermal shock is not necessarily due to a sudden impact of high temperatures. It is mostly due to the basking of the natural stone in outdoor sunlight and warmth for a long time.

What To Do In Order To Rectify Damage?

There are some ways you can fix damaged granite countertops done by either thermal shock or high temperature. There are a number of color correcting adhesives and surface toppers available for you to spot treat the damaged surface. You can also find it in different finishes to make sure that it matches the rest of your countertop.

Does Sealing Granite Countertops Make A Difference?

A lot of people are adamant about sealing their natural stone countertops, especially granite. The main question here is that does sealing granite countertops make a difference in its heat resistance? The answer is yes. Sealing your countertops does make a significant difference in your countertops and the way it reacts under high heat. Sealing also increases the life of your countertops and keeps the color preserved so that heat and other external factors don’t allow the granite to fade away.

There you have it! Now you know how granite countertops react under high heat and contact with heated utensils. This is necessary to know because these small things can really affect the life of a granite countertop. Moreover, the quality of granite and installation are also key factors. So, choose quality granite slabs and expert granite installers Centreville.

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