May 20, 2024

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Permanently straightening your hair is as famous as it is controversial. There are keratin treatment, Japanese hair straightening, and Brazilian blowout salons that offer chemical straightening treatments. Here are some myths and facts about permanent hair straightening and why you should and shouldn’t go for it.

Myth – Permanent Hair Straightening Isn’t Damaging

This myth is debunked big time. We all know that permanent hair straightening methods aren’t rainbows and sunshine. They can have serious effects on the hair and the damage train will hit your mane head-on with no mercy. There is just a lot of chemical usage, heat exposure, and general manipulation of the hair that gives the result of straight and silky hair.

Even though the hair might not look like it, it’s very much damaged to the point of no return and the dreadful cherry on top is the fact that most women tend to go for hair straightening methods again and again to make the mane even more straight. This is like inviting damage to your hair.

Fact – Permanently Straight Hair Has No Volume

Even though women love the look of straight hair, they will also agree that straight hair looks very flat and there’s no volume in the tresses. This is the main reason why a lot of women don’t go for permanent hair straightening methods because the results don’t include volume. Your hair looks lifeless and there’s not a speck of poof in it.

As much as people despise frizz, they can say one thing for certainty: Frizz does have a hand in providing volume to the hair. Whether you like to believe this fact or not, the structure and bonds of the hair give it that volume that we all know and love.

So, if you’re considering permanent hair straightening methods, then you might want to consider kissing the existing volume in your hair goodbye because you won’t ever see it again.

Myth – Apply Henna For No Damage

There are a lot of remedies and precautionary tips that you might hear, before going for a permanent hair straightening method. One of the most common ones is that applying henna on the hair before a permanent hair straightening treatment is going to prevent damage and your hair will look and feel as healthy as before. That’s not true if you were down to trying it out.

There’s nothing that can particularly stop the damage from ruining your hair. A permanent hair straightening treatment is robust and it has a lot of active and hazardous chemicals in it, that are going to leave your hair feeling very dry and brittle.

Fact – It’s A Time-Consuming Process

Yes, permanent hair straightening isn’t a one-hour process, from start to finish. You need to allocate time to go to the salon and sit there for hours getting your hair permanently straightened.

A lot of women think that it takes no time at all, but in general, a perm and rebonding takes anywhere between 3 to 4 hours to be fully completed. There is the treatment application, then there are the endless washing and blow-drying rounds, then there’s heat use and finally comes styling. All of these things take time.

Myth – Products Are Expensive

A lot of women think that once they get their hair permanently straightened, they need to invest in a plethora of expensive hair care products. Well, that’s not exactly the truth. While you do need to change your products and get ones that are catered to damaged and straight hair, they don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

There are a lot of drugstore products that work just as great as any high-end hair care products, so you can do your research and find something that isn’t going to make your wallet scream in agony.

Fact – It’s Only For Curly-Haired Women

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s better knowing this than to have your hair go through the damage of permanent straightening. Permanent hair straightening techniques are only for women with thick, unruly, and curly hair.

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, then it’s not wise to get it permanently straightened because chances are that the results will pretty much be the same, if you don’t count the damaged and brittle parts of your mane after the fact. Drastic results can only be seen in women with curly hair and they’re typically the best candidates for permanent hair straightening.

Myth – Straight Hair Lasts Forever

You might think that, because a treatment has the prefix “permanent”, it’s going to last forever. Think again. Permanent hair straightening isn’t short-term by any means, but it’s also not forever. You still need to get your hair touched up after a couple of weeks and after some months, your hair will start to get frizzy and less straight.

So, it’s best that you don’t fall for this marketing gimmick because it’s not going to work. You need to mentally prepare yourself because your hair will eventually lose the sleek and straight look and go back to normal after some time. It’s much like dyeing hair. When you get hair color and highlights Rockville, your hair grow it out so you have to maintain it.

Fact – Straight Hair Is Easy To Maintain

This is a fact that no one will argue. Straight hair, by far, is the easiest hair type to handle and maintain. There’s no need to get rid of knots and kinks, the hair is pretty much styled every single time and there isn’t a lot of thought that goes into styling it for special occasions.

With curly and wavy hair, maintaining is synonymous with a field day with your unruly mane, trying to figure out if it’s going to stay picture perfect or if it will explode into a bird’s nest. As compared to this, straight hair is a breeze to handle.

Myth – There Are Natural Ways To Straighten Hair

There are, but none of them will lead to permanent results. You might have heard of a lot of ways by which you can straighten your hair at home and get rid of frizz and while some of those tips can work, it’s not for certain that the hair will stay the same forever.

If you want to get straight hair that will look the same for a long time, then there’s only one route to go down and that’s permanent hair straightening. Any other method will just give you temporary results and that’s not what you want.

Fact – Keratin Treatment Isn’t Healthy Either

This fact cannot be stressed enough. Usually, people tend to opt for keratin treatment, because it’s “less damaging” than a permanent hair straightening treatment, however, this is far from the truth. Keratin treatment isn’t a saint of a treatment that people perceive it to be.

It can be damaging to the hair because of the presence of formaldehyde in it. This is highly toxic and hazardous for the hair and it can also irritate your scalp and the skin surrounding it. So, it’s important not to believe in hearsay and do your research.


Permanent hair straightening isn’t for everyone and while it can be damaging, women still love the results of it. So, it’s up to you in the end. Result may vary from salon to salon to choose a good permanent hair straightening salon Rockville.

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