July 13, 2024

Whether you got new granite countertops and a kitchen island or you just want to spruce up the look of your kitchen with a bit of décor, these tips are what you don’t want to miss or skip out on.

Add Some Fresh Flowers

Nothing beats décor like fresh flowers. Think of it as adding a touch of nature in your kitchen, on your countertops, and on the island. You can’t go wrong with beautiful flower arrangements and put them in mason jars or vases. You can even get a bit rustic and make bottles of your vases and those will add a wonderful layer of roughness to the décor. That might sound weird, but you will have to try it to see how pretty it looks.

Depending on the season, you can go for any flowers you want. Roses, lilies, peonies, hyacinths, and daisies are just some of the many options you can choose from. Transform your countertops and island into a flower galore that doesn’t just look beautiful, but smells pleasant too.

Decorate With Practicality

If flowers aren’t your thing and you prefer all of your essentials to be decorated on the countertops as well as the kitchen island, this idea will be your favorite. You can take those big acrylic storage boxes with airtight lids. They don’t only look the part, but they are extremely functional and much better than those bags of lentils and flour.

You can put all of the cooking essentials like oil, flour, sugar, rice, and lentils in these decorative storage bins and even label them for ease. Set them on the countertops and some on the island, arranging them in a way that looks esthetically pleasing and you have a beautiful and practical workstation that people won’t be able to peel their eyes away from. Who says you can only decorate with flowers and vases? Not anymore.

Fabrics Are The Way To Go

Embroidered fabrics may sound 1950’s but they’re a classic décor option for your kitchen countertops and island that need an extra oomph. There are so many options available when it comes to embroidered fabrics and the interesting part is that they’re not fabrics, most of the time.

They’re a mix of plastic and polyester to make them strong, sturdy, and waterproof for the kitchen. So, you’re being stylish along with being protective of your décor. Your kitchen will look homey and cozy with these articles and you’ll love the look of it in the end.

Pantry Essentials As Décor

Have you ever seen those home model magazines and wondered how some arrangement of fruits on quartz kitchen tops Potomac can make the entire kitchen go from 0 to 100? Well, that is the beauty of nature and the best part? This décor is edible.

You can get an arrangement of fruits from your local farmer’s market and a pretty basket to put them in too and that’s pretty much it. Arrange the fruits in the basket and set them on the countertops and even on the island, whichever suits your fancy. You can grab a fruit and munch on it, while the arrangement looks pretty to the eyes.

Keep It Clean And Simple

If you don’t want to go overboard with the décor, then simple and minimal is also the way to go. There’s nothing more refreshing than just a couple of things on the countertops and the island because let’s be real; the more stuff you have on the surfaces, the more you need to clean them every single day and that’s not what you want.

So, keeping things bare and having just the essentials like the silverware holder, and a candle burning on the countertops or island is more than enough. You will love the vibe your kitchen exudes.

Decorate With Appliances

If you want your kitchen to look industrial, but in the best and most stylish way possible, then appliances need to be on your list of décor. You might be wondering: How can I decorate with appliances? Well, it’s pretty simple actually.

All you need for this is a couple of everyday appliances that you use. Bonus points if they look pretty and esthetic. Things like the coffee machine, the toaster, the electric kettle, etc., can be used to prop on the countertops and the island, making the whole space look functional, yet beautiful in the most practical sense.

When In Doubt, Use The Cutting Board

Did you know that the cutting board can be used as a décor article? Well, if you are a cutting board collector and love to keep them on display, then you can prop them on the walls near the countertops and even put them on the island to make everything look warm and rustic.

If you have them, then arranging the cutting boards in shapes will also do wonders for the look of your kitchen. It’s a simple way of decorating your countertops and island, but it makes a world of a difference. Moreover, using cutting boards when you need to chop something will prevent scratches and stains on your countertops.

Keep Everything Organized

When decorating your countertops and your kitchen island, you have to keep organization at the forefront of your mind. Nothing beats an organized kitchen, so keep everything tidy and in a designated spot so that you know exactly which item is where and you don’t have to scurry around the space, looking for one thing.

If your knives need a bit of organization, then put them on a block and set it on the island or wherever you do your chopping. It’s not only functional, but it will add that amazing and put-together look to your kitchen.

Herb Garden On The Island

If you have a green thumb, then you can utilize the space on the kitchen island and turn it into an herb garden. There are lots of herbs that you can grow easily in small pots without making a huge mess and the best part is that you can have access to fresh and fragrant herbs whenever you need them for either a roast, pasta, or marinade.

So, the island is the perfect space to start your little herb garden and it will act as a two-for-one. You’ll have a small kitchen garden within your kitchen and it will look amazing.

Vases Are Everything

If you don’t want to put flowers in the vases, then you can use them bare for décor. There’s nothing more intricate and beautiful than weirdly shaped vases, that are purely for décor purposes. So, if you’re someone who has a weakness for pretty vases, then you can get a couple and set them on your countertops and island in a specific arrangement.

You’ll love the look of your kitchen and your countertops as well as the island won’t look bare, but it won’t look overdone either, so that is the perfect liaison in small or big kitchens.


Decorating the countertops and kitchen island is not only fun but therapeutic in some cases. So, which décor idea is your favorite? Moreover, if your countertop is cracked or faded, you should find a quartz countertops dealer Rockville for installing durable quartz countertops. If granite or any other natural stone is your favorite, they can help you with that as well.

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