April 17, 2024

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Sometimes your dissatisfaction with a professional may be the result of your miscommunication. Yes! It is when you fail to explain to them what actually you want, or maybe you’re not following the salon etiquettes. Besides basic things that you probably know, like arriving on time, avoiding excessive phone use, paying attention, and cooperating with your colorist, there are some things professionals from every hair color correction hair salon wish you knew.

Have Realistic Expectations

The most annoying thing you can do is walk right into the salon and ask your colorist to turn you into something impossible. Be realistic and know drastic changes take time. You cannot convert your dark brown hair into silver platinum in a 2-hour sitting.

Also, if your colorist is telling you something is not possible, they’re saying it for you and not for them.

With that said, every head is different. So, if you saw someone acing a hair color, that doesn’t mean it’ll suit you as well. The same color will turn out different for different hair. And it depends upon hair condition as well.

Be Very Specific About The Details

Instead of telling your colorist that you want honey highlights, tell them exactly what hue you want. It’s better to bring a picture with you. And even better if you have a picture with different angles in different lights.

It is because a color looks different in different light conditions. And if you have a single picture only, tell your colorist what exactly you like about the picture.

A Pre-Treatment Consultation Is Necessary

Don’t be that annoying client who goes into the salon, sits in the chair, and asks their colorist that they want exactly what the other client had. That’s just not possible. You don’t have their hair and their genes.

On top of annoying your colorist, you’re also wasting their heavily scheduled time. So what can you do?

Well, a pre-treatment consultation is all your confused head wants. You can discuss with the colorist what you’re looking for, where you saw it etc.

And in return, they can tell you whether your required color is possible over your head or not. Moreover, how long will it take? What is the process for upkeep?

And they’ll also touch your hair to examine their condition.

Be Honest About Your Hair

In the meantime, while your colorist is examining your hair, be honest about your hair history. For instance, if you once did a disastrous bleach over your hair or you’ve used a product that ruined your hair health, be brutally honest about it.

Talk to your colorist about how many times in a week you wash your head and how often you use heat tools. All of this helps them know your hair better and makes their job easy. In return, you’ll have healthy and gorgeous hair.

Use Products Recommended By Your Colorist

Getting a hair color done, maintaining it, and salon visits for the upkeep are all so daunting and tiring. They need your proper time and attention. So, it’s better to know beforehand that hair coloring is not a one-time process, and once you do it, you need to keep doing it for life unless you accept your natural hair color.

So, what’s the catch-up? It is expensive as well. Even if you know how to color your hair, the products are expensive. Or should I say, “good products are expensive”.

And if your hair colorist is telling you to use a specific product, that’s for you and not for them. They’re not just trying to sell you expensive products. But they know what your hair needs post the process. So, better use products recommended by them.

Come In With A Clean Head

Product build-up is your colorist’s biggest pet peeve. And they’re so done having clients coming with a week of dirt in their head. It is not their job to wash it.

So, better go to the salon with clean hair. And yes, it is not recommended to wash your hair right before the coloring, because according to colorists, “rubbing your scalp will not let the color absorb properly and will also make your skin dye sensitive.”

All in all, washing your hair a night before your balayage hair salon Rockville appointment is a perfect solution.

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