When To See An Insomnia Doctor

Sleeping disorders and sleep deprivation can put a major toll on your mental health as well as physical health. Here are some signs you should look out for regarding when to see an insomnia doctor specialist.

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder where you can’t seem to fall asleep even if you are extremely tired. It is deprivation of sleep and it can be very damaging to your routine, body and mental health. Insomniac people can go on for days on end without sleeping, without showing any problems in the beginning, but as time goes on and the insomnia intensifies, you will begin to see changes in your mood, the way your body behaves, etc. This is a serious condition for which you have to see a doctor immediately.

When To See A Doctor?

Here are some signs that you should look out for, when suffering from sleep deprivation, which could, quite possibly, be insomnia.

If You Can’t Fall Asleep

As mentioned before, insomnia is the difficulty in falling asleep. If you feel as though you are unable to fall asleep at night, even if you are doing nothing out of your ordinary schedule, there are no major lifestyle shifts in your life, then it should be alarming for you. You should consult with a doctor right away, because these are the preliminary symptoms of insomnia. If the symptoms strengthen over time, then you might be diagnosed with permanent insomnia. If the symptoms are caught early on and if you treat them right away, the insomnia can waive off after some time.

If You Wake Up A Lot In The Night

Along with not being able to sleep at night, you should also experience suddenly waking up in the middle of the night many times. Your sleep will be disturbed constantly and there is no logical or rational explanation as to why this is happening. Once you do wake up, again, you will feel difficulties in falling back asleep. You will feel fresh and awake at night, but you know for sure that your body is not fully rested yet and you need more sleep.

If You Feel Tired But You Won’t Fall Asleep

This is also another red flag you should look out for. If you feel extreme fatigue but you are unable to fall asleep or take a nap, then you have to check in with a doctor. If your mind and body are not on the same page with regards to your sleep then you should be worried about that. If you keep this up for too long, your body might get under a major toll, because without proper rest, your body will not function well either.

Lack Of Concentration

Another symptom of insomnia is that you lose focus. If you are trying to do some sort of work, but your brain wanders off to somewhere else, then this signifies loss of concentration and this is because of the lack of sleep. If you feel like you are unable to focus or concentrate on one thing, on top of that, you are not able to fall asleep easily, then you should consult with a doctor, because it’s quite possible that because of lack of sleep, your brain is losing its power to focus for long periods of time.

If The Symptoms Last For More Than Few Months

Last but not the least, if the above symptoms last for more than a month, then your mental alarm bells should start ringing. This pattern is not normal and you need medical help regarding this. Get in touch with a sleep doctor immediately so that he/she can run tests and sleep studies on you and rule out the sleeping disorder you might be experiencing. Lack of sleep which stretches for months is not good for you. Serious problems can take place if you don’t deal with this quickly and on time. So, now’s the time to act.

There you go! These signs will help you catch any symptoms that you may be dealing with and it will also help in your timely diagnosis. You should visit an insomnia clinic Rockville as early as possible for proper treatment and relieving the symptoms.

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