June 25, 2024

Concrete patios are durable and last for decades when installed by patio builders, but they also require care and maintenance to serve. Proper maintenance practices also help improve the longevity of the patio. Below are the tips you can employ to care for your concrete patio.

Use A Sealer

Concrete is durable but it’s porous and absorbs water. You need to apply a protective sealant to prevent it from corrosion as it will repel water and moisture and keep it stain resistant. Furthermore, if you have a newly poured concrete, restrain from applying a sealant until it’s cured that is usually 28 days or a month.

The application of a sealant is a repetitive process which should be carried out every 2-3 years. If you notice color fading, you can apply it sooner than 2 years. You can also make it yearly if it’s affordable for you.

Sealing a concrete patio is easy for any homeowner who likes to perform home improvement projects themselves. You need two essential items, a paint roller with 2/3 inches of nap and a high-quality sealant.

When you apply the sealer, make sure the patio area is clean and dry. Sealing wet concrete is recommended because the sealer may break or become bubbly. Depending on the situation, you may have to give your patio a second coat.

Keep It Clean

Concrete is prone to erosion and if you want to slow it down, you should keep the concrete patio surface clean. Not cleaning properly will result in holes and cracks appearing sooner than expected.

How to clean your concrete patio? Using a pressure washer is advised. In case, you don’t have it, use a garden hose with spray attached to it for cleaning the patio. Carry out the cleaning process once every 1-2 weeks. With a broom, use a soap or any mild cleaning agent to wash away anything sticky on the surface. For greasy spills, cleaning right away is recommended. If you can’t, consider pressure washing or weekly cleaning.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals For Cleaning

The protective layer you apply on the concrete patio is for resisting normal scratches and wear and tear. Certain cleaning agents and chemicals are so harsh that they corrode the sealant layer of concrete and reduce the shine and protection it offers. These sealants can ruin any patio material.

Cleaning products with sulfate or ammonium nitrate are bad for concrete surfaces. Homeowners shouldn’t put dicing ice for clearing ice from the patio in winter. Moreover, avoid using salt on your concrete patio during your first winter with it because the sealant is still new and may break by reacting with salt.

Polishing And Waxing

Sealing is vital for concrete patios for both types of concrete; stamped and plain. Polishing and waxing is performed to make the surface shiny and beautiful. Polishing is not necessary for a patio and if you don’t want or the budget doesn’t allow, you can skip it. But if you go ahead with it, the shine of your concrete patio will be more prominent.

Cover The Patio Area

Your concrete patio can easily withstand sunlight, but if you can arrange an overhead cover, it will help extend its life. Covers or pergolas are needed for patios anyway, so you’ll be glad to learn that they are good for your patio as well.

Use Area Rugs

You’ve applied sealant to avoid scratches and wear and tear of the concrete patio with foot traffic and patio furniture, using area rugs will double the protection. Moreover, due to rugs, furniture won’t slip from its position and they may also help provide extra space for sitting.

Using rugs is also great for people who want to add new decor items to their patios. This will add variety and make the space more appealing.

Plant And Tree Roots

If you want to keep your concrete looking clean and without cracks, you should be aware that tree and plant roots may grow breath the concrete patio. They push the concrete up and result in ugly cracks. Keep track of the trees and roots and avoid this problem.

Final Word

Sealing your concrete patio is critical for extending its life. Moreover, cleaning is also necessary. Use the best practices mentioned by your patio builder Long Island to keep your concrete patio shiny for decades.

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