June 22, 2024

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Your chimney is an important part of your home especially if you reside in countries where the winters are extreme. In that case your chimney is a blessing providing warmth and coziness in blistering cold nights. But do you care and inspect for your blessing or neglect it taking it for granted? Generally when people install their chimneys, they think it will work for a lifetime and does not require any chimney inspection or maintenance.

Your chimney requires great maintenance because if the problems are left untreated than it can lead to chimney house fires. So what do you do? You care for your chimney. How?

The fall season is the perfect time to check and inspect your chimney and get it repaired if needed because it is the onset of the winter season and the weather is not hot and not cold but just right. Below is a list for your chimney inspection.

Professional Inspection

Ideally it is recommended by the law to get your chimney thoroughly inspected in and out by the experts on an annual basis. The expert will come and check the exterior and interior of your chimney and report and repair the problems.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is the most important thing as it prevents environmental debris and small animals, birds and insects from falling down the chimney. The cap acts as a protective layer. Make sure the cap is intact and in place and is not chipped or cracked. No cap will cause moisture and debris to become trapped in the flue lining causing dangerous gases to come in the house and also may lead to many health issues and fires.

Repair And Replace Bricks And Mortar

The mortar in the brick joints and even the brick may break, become damaged, loosened and fall off, leading to problems in the chimney. The cracks and holes may cause moisture to enter the chimney rather than escaping out. You can repair the joints by buying and mixing and applying mortar yourself or you can call in the professionals.

Flue Cleaning

When wood is burnt, a by-product is creosote which is a thick and sticky tar like substance. It accumulates in the interior flue lining. With time it increases which can interfere with the smoke and gas escaping and can cause carbon monoxide, a dangerous invisible and odorless gas which leads to many health issues when you are exposed to it. You should get your flue lining cleaned by professionals annually to ensure the efficient working of your chimney.

Trimming Trees And Branches

If you spot any small trees or branches in the vicinity of your chimney or over heading your chimney then you need to cut down or trim them so that they do not fall in the chimney.

Test The Damper

A very important component of a chimney as it prevents the inside and outside to mix together. Make sure the damper closes and opens perfectly and gets tightly closed tightly because if the chimney damper is loose then it will cause the heat to escape outside this the chimney will have to work harder and energy costs will increase.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Or Install One

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous and odorless gas which can cause many lung and breathing issues and allergies and also skin allergies and infections if exposed. Inefficient working of the chimney will cause this gas to enter your home. A detector will alarm you when it enters your house and thus you can take protective measures or ventilate your house. Make sure your detector is working fine.

Store Wood

Store seasoned and dried wood for the upcoming winter season. Dried and seasoned wood will burn longer and thus will be less dangerous and also lower your energy bills. Storing up extra will save the trips in the winters.

Remove Ash And Prep Up

Make sure all the burnt wood and leftover ash and debris is cleared from your fireplace. So that when you light the chimney in winters it gives you the perfect warmth.

Your chimney will last you a very long time if you care for it and go to chimney contractors Upper Marlboro at the right time. Your chimney and its components also need repair and maintenance which should not be neglected.

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