June 25, 2024

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Divorce is not, in any definition of the term, a simple procedure. However, when attorneys become involved and begin playing games to gain an advantage over the opposing party, things may become extremely heated. This is also true for couples that have a “win at all costs” mindset. Your best bet here is to have competent divorce lawyers on your side. If you do this, you will be more prepared to deal with your spouse’s sneaky ploys.

We’ve gathered several instances of how spouses manipulate the judicial system through different types of dishonesty. If you believe any of these scenarios may occur in your position, you should be prepared.

The most common ways used by spouses during divorce

The most important skill you’ll need is the capacity for power play or plan recognition. Second, rather than instantly unleashing a full-scale attack, it is vital to stay calm and collected. Otherwise, things will just become worse. Finally, wherever feasible, it is vital to plan time. You’ll also need to be proactive in order to combat your spouse’s power play.

Divorce attorneys on the other end of the spectrum may mislead you with the following examples:

Taking money out of a bank account

They have a reliable source of income when two people share a bank account. If all funds are moved to a bank in which the opposing party is not involved, bills are likely to bounce. In fact, there will be a torrent of new bills that need to be paid right away. In an end, the victim is obliged to handle all of their financial obligations on their own, much like a single parent. As a result, the other individual may become financially reliant.

Exhausting the credit limit

Anything from selecting an attorney to settling on divorce requires money. As a result, people frequently exhaust their entire credit card limit well before decision is finalized.

When one of the parties uses the joint credit card for large purchases, the other partner will be left with limited options. One spouse must agree to appear in trial and bear the present debt.

Refusing to make a financial contribution to the property

A toxic partner will commonly utilize this strategy, known as “starving the other spouse out,” during a divorce. After leaving out, the primary earner no longer contributes financially to the household. Your spouse’s main goal in this situation would be to starve you until you become helpless to defend yourself and accept unfair agreements.

Delaying full child support payment

Even if the funds are there, spouses may occasionally postpone paying child support until the last minute. This is frequently the situation when there is no income withholding order. According to the law, in some places, until 31 days have passed from the payment’s order, the other spouse is not eligible for financial support.

Refusing to speak

To achieve a pleasant divorce, the terms must be agreed upon. Spouses will occasionally refuse to communicate with the opposing party to increase legal fees, generate tension, and exhaust their partner.


Sometimes, you need to act fast and with caution. This is only possible if you have a good attorney on your side. Without having an attorney, you might end up spending more money and time than is necessary. Lawyers specializing in divorce know everything about the process inside out and can help you go through it very smoothly. But, of course, that also comes at a cost.

The importance of being aware of these tactics cannot be overstated since toxic spouses employ them. If you believe you are a victim of a failed marriage and want separate or divorce, contact a divorce attorney Fairfax VA as soon as possible.

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