July 13, 2024

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The symptoms of sinus infection are very important to know because this infection can not only be uncomfortable, but it can lead to bad headaches, a blocked nose, and more problems for which you may need to visit an allergy clinic. Here is how you know if you have a sinus infection or not.

Pressure Under Your Eyes And Noses

This is one of the most obvious signs of you having a sinus infection. You will feel extreme pressure around the nose and under your eyes. There also might be swelling in some cases, otherwise, the area might be tender and under pressure.

This is because of the fluid sacs around your nose. In a sinus infection, these sacs can get inflamed and this can lead to a lot of pressure in this area. This is also especially worse in the morning when you wake up.


With nose problems, there is always going to be an association with headaches. Sinus infections are no different. Part of the reason for this headache is because of the pressure you’re feeling under the eyes and around the nose, but it may also be due to your nose being blocked and all of the sinus fluid being accumulated in your cheek and head region.

This can cause a lot of pressure in the head, which can lead to headaches and they can’t go away that easily unless you treat the root cause, aka the sinus infection through proper medication.

Green Colored Discharge

Another very common sign of a sinus infection is a green discharge from the nose. This is purely a sign of infection. Even if you don’t have a sinus infection, but a common cold, your nose discharge will change its color. It is because of the presence of viruses and bacteria in the mucus, which is causing it to change color.

The mucus or discharge will also be relatively thicker than your normal nasal discharge. This is a clear indicator that you need to get your sinus checked for any sort of infection. Again, this might be more recurrent during the morning, when you wake up after laying your head down for a long time.

Extremely Sore Throat

Nose problems will branch out to throat problems as well. People with undiagnosed sinus infections will have extremely sore and rough throats, to the point where you won’t be able to properly talk when you wake up in the morning. This soreness in the throat can be due to inflammation in the airways of your neck.

With sinus infections, you can expect a lot of inflammation around the nose, eyes, and even the throat. It does eventually go away as the day progresses, but it needs to be treated with anti-inflammatory medicine.

Difficulty In Breathing

Because the soreness of the throat can lead to blockage in the nose as well. This can also be due to nasal discharge and this can lead to difficulty in breathing, especially from the nose. Your chest will feel constricted since you can’t breathe through your nose and because of the soreness in your throat, breathing through your mouth may also be a hard thing to do.

It can only be alleviated with medication and you can also use nasal sprays to open up your airways, making it somewhat easier to breathe through your nose.

Coughing Fits And Bad Breath

Sinus infections will also cause a lot of coughing fits and you will generally have bad breath. Coughing can get progressive as your throat starts to close up and mucus gets accumulated in your airways. Because the mucus has bacteria in it, it will also impart a weird smell to your breath.

This can be quite unpleasant and this can only be fixed through a course of antibiotics. Once the bacteria are no longer in the mucus, it will not lead to smelly breath. As for coughing, it is only going to go away with time.


There you have it! Knowing the symptoms of a sinus infection is very important because it helps you to act quickly and get treatment as soon as possible. The best way to get rid of sinus infections is by visiting an allergy doctor Manassas.

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