June 22, 2024

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Induction cooktops have grown in popularity over the past few years for all the good reasons. They are prized for their efficiency and effectiveness topped with ease of maintenance. At the end of the day, no one wants to spend hours cleaning a cooktop. However, with advantages come some complications as well. Many people complain of induction cooktops continuously turning off while preparing meals for which they have to hire an appliance repair technician. Although it is a common issue, the solution is not. This is how you can troubleshoot an irritating induction cooktop that keeps turning off.

Exceeded The Time Limit

Modern induction cooktops are loaded with features that help with effective and efficient cooking. While performance is one thing, safety is another. Every induction cooktop as part of the industrial standards comes with a specific time limit. If the cooktop was to exceed the time limit, it would automatically shut down.

This is a type of safety feature that prevents the induction cooktop from getting permanently damaged. At the same time, it might also be that kids in your house accidentally turn on the cooktop. That said, once the cooktop reaches its maximum time limit, it will shut down by itself.

Therefore, before calling in an expert, you should observe the behavior of the cooktop. The problem doesn’t always need to lie with the cooktop. There could be several other reasons affecting the performance of the unit.

The Cooktop Has A High Internal Temperature

Another thing to keep in mind is that induction cooktops come with heat sensors. Heat sensors are designed to keep the internal temperature in check and shut down the unit once it gets extremely hot or exceeds a certain temperature. Then again, this is for safety purposes.

In most cases, this happens when the cooktop is surrounded by units that produce heat. It might also be that the heat sensors are catching heat from the outside leading to confusion. This is why induction cooktops should be installed at a few distance from other kitchen appliances.

You Are Using The Wrong Cookware

One thing you need to consider when it comes to using induction cooktops is the technique. You might think that induction cooktops are easy to use, which they are but if not used the right way will not be able to produce the expected results. For instance, if you do not place the cookware in the right spot, the cooktop will turn off at the wrong times.

At the same time, you will need to use compatible cookware to prevent any complications. What most people do not realize is that induction cooktops use electromagnetic fields to produce heat. This means you cannot use regular crockery to prepare meals. To be able to cook meals on an induction cooktop, you will need to use a magnetic pan.

So, your old crockery made of aluminum or copper will not work. To make proper use of the induction cooktop, you will need to drop all the existing cookware and opt for something induction-friendly. Cast-iron cookware is the best option. On the other hand, stainless steel is a hit-and-miss with some products suited to work with induction cooking and others not.

The Cookware Is Not Positioned Properly

As mentioned earlier, using induction cooktops the right way is another major factor to keep in mind. You might be using the appropriate cookware but it still does not guarantee success in terms of effectiveness and efficiency if you are not familiar with the technique.

For instance, if the pan is not positioned correctly, the cooktop will not be able to detect it. Likewise, do not place empty pots or pans on the cooktop as they will cause it to shut down automatically. Make sure the cookware you use is according to the burner area. Using cookware that is either too big or too small can also cause the induction cooktop to shut down by itself.

Power Supply Issues

If nothing else works and your induction cooktop continues to shut down, it might be due to power supply issues. The first thing to check is the main power supply. Unplug the cooktop and plug it into some other outlet in the house. If the cooktop functions without any problem, it means the outlet needs to be replaced.

But if the problem persists, you will need to check the circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are also safety devices that shut down electronic appliances during power surges or fluctuations. This prevents your expensive appliances from expensive repairs and replacements.

In addition to that, you should also inspect your induction cooktop for any cracks, damage, or breakage. It is often especially in the case of old induction cooktops that the wires crack or get tangled up. As a result, it can trigger the cooktop to shut down automatically.

For fixing this issue, you will need to consult an expert. An expert can tell if the wires are replaceable or not. They will either replace the wires and repair the cooktop or suggest you to replace the existing cooktop because the wires can’t be replaced.

Power supply issues are also common in some commercial appliances. So, if a commercial equipment is not powering up, you should involve a commercial appliance repair Fairfax technician for an inspection.

Induction Cooktop Maintenance

Induction cooktops like other household appliances require maintenance. This is yet again another misconception surrounding cooktops related to the fact that they do not need much maintenance. One has to keep in mind that induction cooktops are electronic appliances.

Electronic appliances when compared to mechanical are not able to withstand layers of dirt, dust, and debris. So, if you are using the induction cooktop daily, it is quite likely that oil, food leftovers, and other factors find a way inside the unit.

Therefore, before allowing the worst to take place, you should keep the unit maintained. To correctly maintain your induction cooktop, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer. So, you need to consult the user manual of the cooktop.

Induction cooktops are not supposed to be maintained like gas cooktops. You will need to invest in special tools and chemicals and become familiar with the cleaning techniques to ensure its longevity.

Should I Repair Or Replace The Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops like other household appliances come with a lifespan. Although, they will last several years before needing a replacement that mostly depends on the maintenance. Ill-maintained cooktops when compared to properly maintained tend to last a few years.

Such cooktops require frequent repairs and replacements. Because induction cooktops are electronic appliances, you might not be able to repair or replace the malfunctioning part every time to get the cooktop running.

That said, if your induction cooktop is years older and requires frequent repairs, you should simply replace it. As a general rule, the cost of repairs must not exceed the value of the cooktop. If the repairs are becoming expensive and frequent, you should save and invest that money into a new unit.


An induction cooktop can turn off due to a variety of reasons. However, you should not panic. Instead, you should be mentally prepared and familiar with the troubleshooting tips. We are sure this guide will help you save time by diagnosing and getting the cooktop running back to normal. If nothing else, connect with a cooktops repair Northern VA expert.

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