April 20, 2024

Beautiful round tables. Elegant wedding with gold furniture

Whether it’s a wedding stage for dancing or simply for the seating of the newlywed couple, it needs to have a beautiful presentation. You will need staging and dance floor rental accordingly. Here are some amazing décor ideas for the wedding stage

Flowers Are The Answer To Everything

Since it is your special day, it can be made even better with lots of flowers on the stage. Since the stage needs to be perfectly decorated, it is only fit to use an abundance of wonderful smelling flowers, like roses, jasmine, and other flowers which you like.

You can have a lot of flower arrangements mounted and adorned all over the stage and even in the backdrop. It will look extremely beautiful and the pictures will definitely be a beautiful reminder of how the stage was decorated on your big day.

Illuminate The Stage With Lights

There needs to be a lot of lights on the stage too. You can choose from a variety of lights in this case. You can choose dainty fairy lights, which are beautiful and get the job done of illuminating the place too.

You can also go all out and go for more rustic light fixtures, which are not only a statement, but they are different from other lights and they will add a unique element to your stage. You can also decorate the lights and fixtures with flowers and greenery, to give it that whimsical appeal, which doesn’t disappoint and will definitely make the place look better.

When In Doubt, Go For Drapes

If you want to go for a more modern flair, then try to incorporate drapes in your stage décor. Drapes are very beautiful and they come in a lot of designs, colors, and patterns. The drapes can be used to wrap around different things or they can be used as a backdrop as well.

You can also incorporate lights with drapes, and this will look like a makeshift constellation behind the stage and it will look amazing in pictures. Decorating a stage is about unleashing your creativity in the best way, so it’s a perfect time to experiment with different visions and see what looks the best, in the end.

Does The Stage Need Height?

Before you get on with the decorations and other things, it’s better to get the base things done first. You need to figure out whether you want to add height to your stage or not. This depends solely on your comfort and whether or not guests will be joining you on the stage.

If you want a comfortable stage, then try to go for a one-foot height elevation from the ground. This will be enough for you and the guests to safely step up and down from the stage and it will also be easy to walk around, especially in your embellished wedding dress.

The Seating Arrangement

If you are getting a stage prepared for the couple to sit on, then you will also need appropriate furniture for the newlyweds. The choice of furniture is pretty basic and you can decide that on the basis of the color scheme of your stage. It should complement the rest of the stage and it should fit in seamlessly with the rest of the props.

Make sure to go for furniture which is light in color, with a dark trim. This will make the accents pop and it also gives quite a minimal yet beautiful appearance to the entire stage. Of course, you have to keep the comfort of the furniture in mind too, so choose something which is comfy to sit on for longer periods of time.

Have A Name Banner

If you want to go for something extra, then you can have a light-up name banner for the bride and groom mounted on the backdrop of the stage. A name banner is a nice addition to the stage, which doesn’t look tacky at all and it adds a nice quirky look to the stage. It also makes the stage look less traditional and more modern.

Try to go for banners that are moderate in size, so that guests from far away can also make out what it says on the stage. Go for a simple font, which is easy to read, because that will look just as amazing.

The Backdrop

The backdrop is also a very important feature of the stage. You don’t want to make it look simple and left out and you also don’t want to make it look overpowering. Remember that less is more and you want to have a perfect balance of things on the stage, so that everything looks good, in the end. For backdrops, there are tons of options.

You can opt for a flower wall, a draped wall, a solid base color wall with decorations and props against it and the list goes on. Try to look at reference pictures and find inspiration. Check out the wedding rental packages Clarksburg for the different backdrops and their costs.

Have Props

The last thing you want to do is make your stage look overcrowded with a ton of things, so the best way to avoid this, is to have things that have a dual purpose. You want to get things like lights which can double up as décor, flowers, which can also be a backdrop, furniture which is a décor prop in itself, and so on.

Props are great to incorporate in wedding stages because they look amazing in pictures and they also serve as great background fillers for the portrait pictures of the bride, groom, and other guests. This is where stage pictures and finding ideas will help you a lot in deciding what you want your stage to look like.

The Placement Of The Stage

Another important thing to consider is the placement of the stage in the venue. It needs to be the center of attention because this is where the bride and groom will spend the majority of their time.

The best and most common placement for the stage is usually at the end of the venue in the middle, where the visibility is amazing and even people entering the venue can see the stage and its details from afar. You don’t want to place the stage somewhere in the corner, where it’s going to be out of sight. It needs to have a grand appearance.

Picture-Perfect Stage

Last but not least, details matter. This is your special day and there shouldn’t be any room for errors. Make sure that everything on the stage is perfect and set for pictures. You don’t want anything to be out of place. This is why it’s better to take your time with these things and double-check for things that are meant to go on the stage.

Things like props and light fixtures should be visible, but they shouldn’t hinder the walking of the bride, groom, and other guests. Try your best to place everything perfectly.


A wedding stage is a must in many weddings and if you decorate it beautifully, then it will be an eye-catching feature of the entire event. Communicate your ideas well to the wedding party rental Northern VA to get the stage and décor you need.

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