April 20, 2024

Beautiful kitchen remodel with granite countertops, stainless appliances and hardwood floors.

Solid surface is a mid-range countertop material and appears similar to marble and granite countertops. This is considered a better alternative to laminate countertops because they are solid as marble and granite countertops and more durable than laminate.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface slabs are made with mineral dust with acrylic/polyester, resins, and pigments. The mineral dust used is commonly marble. They are engineered countertops and they can be easily made in any color and pattern. Solid surface countertops look like natural stones at a lesser price. Moreover, they are as durable as natural stones and have some characteristics that are better than natural stones like non-porosity.

Water Resistance

Solid surface countertops are composed of polyester or acrylic with marble dust. This results in a non-porous surface that is water resistant. If there are spills, you can clean them out without the worry of moisture seeping into the surface.

Moreover, bacteria growth inside porous countertop surfaces causes health problems. Solid surface countertops restrict bacteria growth if you keep the surface clean.

Additionally, solid surface countertops provide water resistance from the get go. They don’t require sealing. Natural stones need sealing to be water resistant and repel moisture. Moreover, you have to reseal your natural stone slabs every few years.

Low Maintenance

Solid surface countertops can be wiped down with a soft cloth, water, and dish soap for a clean and smooth surface. The surface resists stains as well along with spills. If you clean the spill immediately, the solid surface countertops will look new for a long time.

Again, another reason for low maintenance is its non-porosity. Moisture can’t damage the surface and helps in extending the life of the surface.

For maintenance, you should avoid using harsh chemicals because they can damage the countertop surface. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, paint removers, and other harsh cleaning products. Frequently using acidic chemicals can also dull and fade the color of your solid surface countertops.


Solid surface countertops are durable. Their durability is higher than marble and rival granite. However, you need to take the same precautions for solid surface countertops that you do with granite and marble.

Don’t use knives and sharp objects on the surface. It can cause scratches, cracks, and chips. For cutting meat and food items, place cutting boards on the surface.

Moreover, the heat resistance of solid surface countertops is similar to marble so you should be careful as you would with marble. Don’t place hot pans directly on the surface, and use head pads or trivets for placing hot objects on them. They can also deform in temperatures above 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

No Visible Seams

Solid surface countertops appear smooth without seams. This is because they are soft and melted for combining pieces together. So, if you order a solid surface countertop slab, it will be one uniform slab with no seams.

Many people don’t like seams in natural stone countertops. You can minimize seams in natural stones but they can’t be avoided they are natural stones cut into slabs.

So, if you want a countertop material that doesn’t have the physical flaw of seams so to say, then you should go with solid surface countertops. However, if your budget allows and you can pay more, you can also select quartz.

Unique Designs

The soft nature of solid surface countertops and the process of their manufacturing enables you to select designs that are not possible with natural stones. Solid surface slabs can be heated and melted to make curves and unique customizations.

Patterns And Colors

Solid surface countertops are engineered in factories so any design and pattern can be achieved. Therefore, you have an endless variety of colors and patterns when it comes to solid surface countertops. You can select solid, sparkling, veined, or any other patterns.

Moreover, you can have the same countertop design throughout your kitchen because the designs are not unique to one slab.

Solid surface countertops can appear like natural stone but lack the depth of stones so if you desire an authentic stone appearance, you will need to spend more money for getting granite slabs.

Lower Cost

The cost of solid surface countertops is in the mid-range. The higher range cost includes granite, marble, and quartz kitchen countertops Rockville while the lower range includes laminate countertops.

The durability, water resistance, and other characteristic of solid surface countertops allow them to provide similar benefits to natural stone, but at a lower cost.

Moreover, laminate is cheaper than solid surface, but it’s not durable or water-resistant compared to solid surface. Moreover, if you select a laminate surface that looks like granite, it will appear faker than the appearance of solid surface.

The material is affordable for homeowners who want a material that is durable and looks like natural stones. It’s also one of the most affordable water-resistant countertop materials. Tiles are waterproof and cost much lower than solid surface slabs, but the grout lines make cleaning difficult.

Another waterproof material stainless steel counters cost the same as solid surface, but they are not suited for most home and kitchen designs. They are used in commercial kitchens mostly. Lastly, quartz is also waterproof, but its price is higher than solid surface.

Homogenous Slabs

Solid surface slabs don’t have a sheet or a layer of material on top. It’s the same material throughout the slab from top to bottom. This gives it a benefit against materials that are installed as top layers (tiles) or has a layer of a material on top of them (laminate).

Solid surface countertops are softer than granite and other natural stones. Therefore, they are harder to crack due to their softness and homogenous nature.

Another advantage of the homogeneity of the solid surface slabs is that you can repair deeper cuts and cracks as well. The slab will appear almost the same as it was before.

Easy To Repair

Solid surface countertops are prone to scratches due to their softness, but the repair is easy as well. You can remove most scratches and cracks by using an abrasive pad on them. Average homeowners can do it and there is usually no need to hire a professional for solid surface repairs. Keep in mind that granite and marble require an expert for repairs.

Additionally, you can also buff burns as well. The scratches appear white so if you want to make scratches less visible, choose white solid surface slabs.

Moreover, solid surface slabs don’t react to acidic materials so the material won’t etch with these materials. However, you should still avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your solid surface countertop.

Resistant To Fading

Many high-end materials like marble and quartz can fade when exposed to sunlight. Solid surface countertops don’t fade in sunlight so you can use them in kitchens that receive direct sunlight and also in outdoor kitchens. Due to this, you can choose bright colors knowing they won’t fade.


Solid surface is an excellent countertop material that costs less than granite, marble, and quartz but has many qualities similar to them. Also, the cost is saved because you don’t need to seal it at any point. Check out the colors and patterns of solid surface slabs with a quartz countertops dealer Potomac.

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