June 22, 2024

Young beautiful woman getting hair drying in beauty salon.

Curly hair is beautiful and more attractive as compared to straight hair. But when you wish to switch between curls and dead straight as easily as people with straight hair do, it gets difficult. Straightening your curly hair is a tricky task to do, but it isn’t something impossible. All you need is the right guidance whether you want to do Japanese hair straightening, keratin treatment or Brazilian keratin straightening.

Moreover, because your curly hair type is different from straight hair, you need different techniques. In this blog, I have penned down some very amazing tricks that work for curly hair and ways to straighten your hair. So, here’s how you can tame your curly, kinky, coarse hair.

Straightening Your Curly Hair

Straightening Afro hair is a task not everyone can do. It takes time and experience to learn the tricks. But the primary trick is to be refined in your job. You need to iron each and every strand neatly and thoroughly. If you need a quick solution, use hair extensions.

It’s Always Good To Wash

One thing is for sure that you just cannot straighten your dry, rough, and dehydrated hair. Also, the straightener works better on clean hair. So, it is good to wash your hair before straightening them.

Furthermore, when you apply some hydrating conditioners or moisturizing masks on your hair before ironing them, the chances of heat damage reduce. While on the other hand, trying to straight dry hair increases the chances of their breakage.

Divide The Hair

This technique is not only for curly hair but is for straight hair as well. If you want your hair to look silky and straight effortlessly, you must divide the hair into sections and then straight a strand after strand. You can use a tail comb to separate the hair thoroughly. And make sure you straighten every inch of the curls.

Always Use Quality Heat Products

By choosing heat over chemicals, you’re trying to protect your hair. But what if the heat products you’re choosing are causing more harm to your hair? Therefore, it’s good to invest once in a good straightening tool. The one that straightens your thick hair in one stroke and protects them from heating effect as well.

Nourish Your Hair Regularly

Nourishing your hair is as essential as preparing your skin before makeup. Frizzy, dry, and yet straight hair will give a poor look to your hair. So, it’s better to maintain their health to make them look professional and effortless.

The most essential products that you must use for the nourishment of your hair are:

  • Conditioners
  • Moisturizing hair masks
  • Keratin based heat protecting spray

Other Ways Of Straightening Your Hair

The use of flat-ironing or brush straightener is a quick way to straighten your hair. And the results only last until you don’t shower. Or, if it’s a humid day, your hair strands will go back to their curled position soon.

But if you want a permanent solution, you can go with a hair relaxer. It’s a chemical-based treatment to straighten your curly hair. And you only need touch-ups for the new hair growths.

Another semi-permanent way to straighten your frizzy hair is by using keratin treatment. In this, you actually use keratin to restore the porous, damaged core of your hair with new keratin. It makes your hair look healthy and straight.

There’s an additional less useful way as well, that is using curl tamers. This treatment is actually used to loosen the curls, making them more manageable. That is why I mentioned it as less useful because it does not straighten your hair. It just tames the curls or makes them loose. So, it is better for the people who just want to get rid of the fuzziness.


No matter which method you’re choosing to straighten your hair, there’s one thing for sure, if you’re not taking care of them properly, you’ll end up with damaged hair. For instance, many people choose to heat straightening their hair instead of chemical treatments. But, if you’re not nourishing them properly, then flat-ironing will do more harm than chemicals.

Also, do not iron your hair too often. The less you do it, the better it is. Depending on your hair type, environment, budget, and your work requirements, it’s your choice what method you choose. You can go with permanent treatments provided by hair straightening salons Rockville until you decide to settle in with your natural curls, as you can get them back by reversion method.

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