July 13, 2024

table set for wedding reception with antique dishes

Summers are worth waiting for because they bring us a lot of opportunities to party with friends and family, and celebrate life. We all feel like being part of summer outdoor parties, but wait, do you know how to arrange one with the help of your friends and party tent rentals?

Here are few ideas for throwing a theme party in the summers.

70s Glam Party

The 70 was known as an era famous for its fashion. People in the 70s used to wear long gowns made of silk and they looked absolutely flawless. Whether it is an intimate holiday party, or you are inviting tens of people (known and barely known), you are all good to host a 70s glam party. You just need to apprise people of what you are thinking for your summer party theme. Take your friends into confidence before you finalize your summer party’s theme. If you really want it to be a 70s glam party and are unwilling to take any second opinions, try and convince them by imparting all you know about it.

Tropical Party

If you are a tad bit close to nature, you could have a tropical summer party. Turn your backyard into a rainforest-like something and usher in some greens and blues. If your friends and acquaintances are also fond of an adventuresome party, you should not think of anything but a tropical party. This will be the best option for you as all the blues and greens remind you of a cozy summer.

An All-Americano Party

If this theme can work for the Independence Day party, Labor Day party, why can’t it work for a casual summer party? No doubt, we are Americans 365 days of the year and not just on the 4th of July. Why wait for a special day to come, we can celebrate our togetherness and the freedom that this country’s constitution guarantees every single day.

Lobster Bake Party

A backyard barbeque party seems out of date now as a lobster bake party has just kicked in. People who love eating seafood should be invited to this very party as they’d love being part of your festival. The best thing about a lobster bake party is, it can take place at any time of the day, you don’t have to do it during the day or right after it turns dark, you can host this party any hour of the day.

La Grace, Le Chic

If you are a sophisticated and elegant person, this is probably the best theme for your party. You like things to be soothing and comforting, don’t you? If you don’t like an over-embellished atmosphere and would love to stick to a generally calming ambience any day, this is the theme for your outdoor summer party. Be ready to flaunt your most expensive tableware and the classiest glassware this very day. Put your best China on the table and place candles next to it and there you go!

An After-Dark Party

There should be a number of colorful lanterns on the tables; as it is named after-dark party, everything on that party should complement its very name. For a tablecloth and glassware, try and choose bold hues. Do not go for light colors as they would surely seem out of touch with the theme. Also, do not rely on bulbs or anything of that sort for lightening it up after dark, just bring in as many lanterns as needed. Your evening will look brighter and beautiful-er and at par with the theme you chose.

A Beach Party

It is a no-brainer that people love summers because of the beaches because nothing else seems more likely to be the reason behind summer being everyone’s favorite. People are usually interested in getting a suntanned skin, and that’s the reason they wait for summers to come. Even if you are not a person who always likes partying, you must love to read a book by the seashore, no? That soothing environment gives you a proper chance to relax and detoxify your soul. Besides, the best part about hosting a beach party is you can have all sorts of acquaintances invited. Everyone loves the beach — maybe, for a different reason.

So, begin the arrangements, get party rentals Rockland NY and everyone related involved, and throw an awesome party.

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