July 12, 2024

Well water is used widely around the world to fulfill the water needs of people. But there might be problems associated with it and may need to use a water filtration system. Let’s discuss major well water problems and their solutions.

Water Can Be Hard

This is a very common problem with well water. The water coming from wells isn’t always soft in nature. It can have chemicals and salts in them, which make it hard and that varies from well to well. If you want to check if your water is hard or not, then look out for these signs: Deposits of white flakes on the skin, hair, clothes, dishes, and walls of swimming pools. The tap mouth will turn white after some time with scale deposit, difficulty in producing lather, clothes will have a yellow tinge to them, even after they have been washed, wall of swimming pools etc.

To get rid of hardness in the water, you can either treat the water with an ion exchange process or you can chemically treat it to get rid of the excess calcium and magnesium.

Presence Of Acid

Well water may be acidic as well. This can happen if the soil surrounding the well has some sort of acidic component in it. If you see corrosion and rust around the taps and sinks, then your water is probably acidic. You can also check the pH of the water through a litmus paper.

The best way to make the water neutral again is through a filter or by injecting soda ash into your well, which is going to raise the pH of the water and make it neutral in nature and taste.

Dirt Infested Water

Dirt is a very common problem in well water. This can occur if the well is not properly cased and the formation around the well is loose and has a sedimentary nature. These loose particles can make their way into your taps and water and not only make the water look murky, but can also clog the pipes and taps. The best way to get rid of dirt is through activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is nature’s water filter and it sucks the dirt and debris from the water and makes it settle at the bottom. You are left with clean water which is safe for drinking.

Funky Smelling Water

If your water smells like rotten eggs or fish, then you well might be poisoned with hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide has a characteristic smell of rotten eggs and it’s very unpleasant. You are not able to drink this water and even if you do, it can lead to a lot of stomach and digestion issues.

If your well hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, then it’s probably why your water is smelling so funky. It’s time to get it disinfected by a professional.

Metallic Taste

It’s very common for tap water to have a metallic taste. Sometimes, the tap mouth may also turn green in color and this is because of excess iron in the well water. Iron can deposit on metals and turn the surface green.

If you want to get rid of iron in well water, then a water filter is your best choice. It will get rid of the taste and color in the water if there is any. You can also consider installing a reverse osmosis plant to get rid of all kinds of metals in your water.

The Water Isn’t Clear

Turbid water is also very common, especially if there are suspended particles or components present in it. The easiest way to identify cloudy water is by looking at the water. Water tends to be clear if it doesn’t have anything in it, but turbid water will be cloudy and the mass will settle itself on top of and inside the water.

Ultraviolet filtration is the best way to get rid of the turbidity in the water. It will also kill any type of bacteria, virus, or harmful microorganisms in the well water.


The last thing you want is to have murky and dirty water coming from your tap. These problems are very common in well water and you can install a whole house water filtration Warren system to fix these problems.

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