July 13, 2024

High end bathroom with large white bathtub and shiplap siding.

If your bathroom is in need of a luxurious boost, then you need to try out these bathroom remodeling tips. Your bathroom will definitely scream royalty after this.

Tray For Small Things

One of the things that make the bathroom look neat and really luxurious is having small trays full of your things on the bathroom sink. If you have a large countertop for your bathroom sink and you want to make it look extra special, then you can buy some small and same-colored trays as your countertop and fill it up with things you normally use by the sink.

These can be your skin care products, toothpaste, brushes, some jewelry, etc. Having these trays on your bathroom countertop is going to add that extra bit of flair that you feel lime is missing from your bathroom.

Colored Bathroom Fixtures

This is also another thing that will make your bathroom stand out, especially if it’s super muted and light in color throughout. Try to get colored tap fixtures for your bathroom. If you want to go the luxurious route, then feel free to get some gold fixtures for the bathroom. These taps will look so beautiful against the lighter-colored stone and it will really bring out the luxurious feel you are looking for.

These small details will make all of the difference and your bathroom will transform from a simple and plain one to an amazing and luxurious one in no time.

Dress Up The Walls

Wallpapers also make a huge difference in how your bathroom looks. You can dress up your walls with wallpaper that screams luxury. It doesn’t have to be very bright or modern; rather you’re going to have to search for something which screams luxury with a bit of a modern touch to it.

You can go for abstract wallpaper, but make sure that the pattern isn’t too obnoxious or your bathroom will look more punk than luxurious. You can also go for vertical designs in wallpapers and this will make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious.

Use White Marble

The most obvious thing in luxurious bathrooms is their stones and more often than not, white or muted colored stones are used in making these bathrooms look extraordinary. You can also go for a lighter-colored stone to make your bathroom look more expensive and elegant.

White marble is a great choice to go for in bathrooms, but if this is too expensive for your budget, you can go for ceramic or quartz in a lighter color tone and that will do just fine too. Lighter stones will reflect the light better and they will make your bathroom look more illuminated and bigger, hence more luxurious.

Use Glass

You can also amplify the luxurious appeal of your bathroom by incorporating glass. You can use it as a shower cubicle border or you can have a glass wall somewhere in your bathroom. Since you want the glass to be multipurpose, then it’s best to kill two birds with one stone, so using it as a border for your shower is perfect.

You can either leave the glass plain or have some design etched on it. This is going to elevate your bathroom’s look and make it look super luxurious and elegant, without closing off the space.

A Central Bathtub

Last but not least, you can also make the bathtub the center of all attention. Having a lone bathtub in your bathroom is something that is extremely elegant. Something about a central bathtub is just so luxurious that you can’t help but feel like this is a great statement.

You can have a rack of fresh towels on display right by the tub, so you can grab one as you leave. This will also elevate the style of your bathroom and make it look like something right out of a magazine or an expensive bathroom display store.


There you have it!  These tips are great because they not only intensify the luxurious feel in the bathroom, but they are also classic and won’t ever go out of style. Consult bathroom remodeling contractors Rockville to learn more ways of making your bathroom luxurious.

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