July 13, 2024

Work surface and kitchen equipment in professional kitchen

Commercial deep fryers are one of the most important kitchen appliances for a food business. It is important that such appliances are maintained to avoid commercial kitchen appliance repair during peak hours. Therefore, we are going to discuss some dos and don’ts of commercial deep fryer maintenance. Let’s begin!

The Dos

Clean Your Deep Dryer Daily

Cleaning your deep fryer daily is as obvious as it might seem but it is often overlooked. Ignoring its cleaning will cause the odors to transfer to the food. The last thing you would want is smelly food being served to the customers. Therefore, you should make sure that the oil is changed at the end of the day and the deep dryer is cleaned daily.

In addition to that, you should perform a thorough deep fryer cleaning at least once a week. The best thing about cleaning the deep fryer daily is that you are not going to need a professional every month. Since dirt and grease accumulation will be minimum, you can train your employees to scrub and wash using basic chemicals.

Get A Professional Inspection

Anything that is used on a daily basis requires a regular professional inspection. Similar to vehicles that require annual maintenance, you should ensure that a professional inspects it at least thrice a year. Furthermore, you should not choose an amateur for the job. The primary reason being that commercial deep fryers are slightly complicated and comprise several different components.

A shoddy job will create further problems and you might end up with expensive repairs or replacements. A proper professional who possesses the required skills and expertise can easily get the job done with the lowest number of risks. As a result, you save money in the long run.

Use Good Quality Oil

Good quality oil goes a long way in ensuring that your commercial deep fryer runs effortlessly and smoothly. You might be tempted to save some money and use regular quality oil but that is only going to hurt the unit. What you save now will be spent in the future. Therefore, consult the user’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about the type and quality of oil to be used.

Change The Oil Frequently

Changing the oil is not only important for the health of the deep fryer but also the quality of food. If you do not change the oil, food items will come out to be overcooked and tasteless. This is amongst the last things you would want in your restaurant.

As a result, your customers will run away without ever having to come back. If you want to serve the best quality food, opt for the best oils out there and change them regularly.

The Don’ts

Don’t Keep The Oil At Cooking Temperature

In the majority of restaurant kitchens, the oil is kept at cooking temperature. Not only does this put constant stress on the machine but also reduces the life of the oil. With that said, if the business is a bit slow, your commercial deep fryer should have a standby setting, which keeps your oil temperature warm. This helps to heat up the oil fast when required and does not affect the quality and life.

Don’t Play Around With The Fryer

Deep fryers operate at high temperatures. With that said, you should not be anywhere near or play around with it too much. In fact, some states have strict rules and regulations that only allow trained employees to work near such potentially harmful and dangerous appliances.

Make sure that your employees are wearing gloves while changing the oil and cleaning the appliance. Plus, the machine should be turned off. If there is an issue, which you do not know how to solve, do not try experimenting with it. It could lead to serious burns.

Instead, call an appliance repair technician who will solve the problem having all the technical knowledge and skills required.

Final Word

The dos and don’ts mentioned above are important when it comes to maintaining your commercial deep fryer and food quality. Simply make sure that you hire a good deep fryer repair Fairfax expert for deep cleaning and use the best quality oils and cleaning techniques.

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