June 22, 2024

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Tasked with planning the annual holiday event at your organization? You may have to deal with an event planner and corporate tents rentals. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it and avoid a complete disaster.

Start by Getting the Basics Down Pat

Your first step should be to identify the details of your event, and for that creating a project plan is necessary. A few things that you must consider prior to execution are:

  • Theme
  • Venue
  • Time and date
  • Total guest count
  • Food and beverage selections
  • Decor, and last but not the least
  • The agenda of the event

These are some of the core elements that are key to any party’s success. You can hire a rental service for most of the above things. Keep in mind, however, that there is no need to finalize everything at this point. Also remember that there is no definite method of approaching the planning process, so experimenting what works best for you is perfectly fine.

Put Some Thought into The Scheduling of Your Party

Want to know the best time to host an employee holiday party? Lunch hour. No, we did not just make that claim up on our own. There is historical data from Battalia Winston to actually prove that. And it makes perfect sense when you sit down to think about it. The main advantage of hosting the event during lunch is that you do not have to impose on the employee’s personal time or obligations.

As for the day, Friday is the top choice because employees are usually off on the weekend, it’s also a popular day for eating out or participating in extracurricular activities. Sundays, on the other hand, are an absolute no go, but Monday could be your next best choice.

It Does Not Have to Be A Holiday for You to Plan A Company Party

Forget Christmas or Thanksgiving. You don’t need an excuse to throw a company party, so why not consider hosting an event off season when more people can attend and when it really counts. If you really need a reason to celebrate, an upcoming anniversary or an employee’s appreciation are some good ones that will even get other team members pumped up to do better.

As for what time of the year is perfect for hosting an annual party, late January and early October are when you can save the most due to a majority of off-site venues being open around then.

Create A Team with The Right Skill Set to Plan A Successful Event

Keep in mind that your event will only be as successful as the people behind it. Therefore, it is adamant that you, as the one in charge of the planning, bring together the right combination of people who will make the magic happen behind the scenes.

In order to ensure efficiency, this planning team should neither be too small nor too big. The biggest factor to consider when selecting individuals for the planning team is the ability to positively influence other employees.

Come Up With A Menu for The Party

Your menu should reinforce the theme of your event. Another interesting idea is to choose items that incorporate your brand colors. It is also no secret that, compared to buffeted meals, plated servings can save you a lot in expenses. In addition, having everyone line up for food is not a very good look for your party.

Consider Exchanging Gifts to Encourage Employee Bonding

Lately, a lot of organizations have introduced a gift exchange between employees, often at the department level for bigger companies, at their holiday parties. If you are thinking of going that route, it’s a good idea to put a financial cap on the gifts.

Decide If You Can Use Your Event to Raise Funds for A Cause

A company holiday party can present an awesome fundraising opportunity. In order to ensure that a meaningful contribution is made to the charity in question, however, mandating non cash gifts and in kind donations is a good idea. This way, no one would be forced to spend more than what they can part away with.

See If You Can Cut Down Costs Through Sponsorship

Outsourcing costs to sponsored vendors sounds like a great idea on paper, but only do this if you can ensure that the focus will stay on entertaining employees first and foremost rather than pleasing the sponsors in an attempt to offset the expenses incurred.

Armed with these basic steps, you’re now all ready to plan an awesome event for your company. Also, it would be good to know about reliable event rentals and round table rentals Maryland. Have a blast, and make sure that others do too.

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