April 20, 2024

Modern kitchen area, wooden floor with modern refrigerator and appliances

Refrigerators are designed to keep things cool. Mostly used for storing food items, a refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. However, as with everything, refrigerators tend to develop problems, and quite often, diagnosing the issue is confusing if there is not appliance repair expert around. One of the cases is your refrigerator not cooling but the light is on. You can run a simple diagnostics check to sort out the issue. Let us discuss in detail.

Electrical Supply

The first thing you need to do when it comes to fixing the issue is disconnecting the power supply. At the same time, you will need to shift frozen food items as well. Even though refrigerators are power-friendly nowadays they still require quite a bit of power to run. Therefore, you would not want to get an electric shock while attempting to fix it without disconnecting the supply first. Now that you have disconnected the supply, remove things that may create a hurdle in your work.


If you observe that the inside of the fridge is cold, then you will have to adjust the temperature using the temperature setting knob. If, in case, the temperature has been set too high, the compressor will shut down. Therefore, you need to adjust the temperature at a low setting. Check now if the compressor kicks in. If it doesn’t it might be that the temperature knob is faulty. In such cases, you can fix the issue yourself but it is suggested to go to a repair service for help. He will run a proper check and locate the root cause of the issue.


Refrigerators require a sufficient amount of airflow, especially during the summer season when it becomes unbearably hot. People at times tend to surround the fridge with different objects. This obstructs the airflow and as a result, the refrigerator struggles to produce cool air. Make sure that there is at least 3-inches of space between the wall and the fridge. Furthermore, do not settle one fridge right next to the other. Since refrigerators tend to produce heat as well, it could cause both the refrigerators to become hot, resulting in poor efficiency and performance.

Condenser Coils

Every refrigerator comes with black condenser coils installed at the rear. This component is responsible for removing heat. With time, the coils will become dirty and dust will accumulate. As a result, the heat will fail to escape. Therefore, it is suggested that you brush the condenser coils at least once every six months to ensure smooth operation. Furthermore, condenser coils being dirty is one of the most common reasons for a refrigerator not cooling but the light being on.


Although compressors are tough components and designed to last for years but sometimes they can malfunction as well. In such cases, disconnect the fridge and then turn it on after two hours. After plugging it in, if you notice that the compressor has not turned on, then it might be due to its overheating. This situation will require a professional to inspect it as playing around with the compressor might result in an expensive compressor replacement.

Defrost Setting

If you own an old model fridge, then it might be that the defrost button is stuck. As a result, the fridge will stop cooling. Therefore, you need to adjust the setting to allow the fridge to work in normal condition. However, if you own a new model, then the fridge will feature an automatic defrosting option. If your new fridge is causing the same problem, then it might be the defrost timer unit. This issue can be a bit complex to diagnose. Therefore, consult a professional and ask him to come over and inspect it.

Final Word

As this blog reaches its conclusion, make sure to run a checklist including the steps mentioned above. Even though repairing some refrigerator issues might not be a do it your own thing but at least you need to know what the problem is. But if the issue is serious, you should leave it to refrigerator repair Alexandria services as doing it on yourself might complicate the issue further. Moreover, get recommendations from appliance experts for refrigerator maintenance to avoid problems.

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