April 20, 2024

When you are on the lookout for rugs for your home, then you want something that defines your home, adds an element of aesthetic appeal and adds value and sentiments to your home. But how do you choose such a rug that gives all that and more? The answer is simple; you go for handmade rugs.

A handmade rug is the best investment for your home, although a bit expensive but can be passed down to generations. To the untrained eye, it is not easy to identify the difference between a handmade oriental rug and a machine-made rug. If you want quality stuff with a lifetime warranty, then read below to find out how to invest in a handmade oriental rug.

Imperfection Is Perfect

Making a handmade rug requires years and years of skill and practice. It requires the craftsmanship and expertise of artisans to create beautiful weaves and knots. But due to human nature, even the most skilled of workers can make mistakes and that’s what adds to the beauty of a handmade oriental rug.

Turn your rug around and notice the knots. Knots should not be in a uniform state but can be irregular and haphazard and the beauty lies in a handmade rug being imperfect. Machine-made rug knots are all of the same size, symmetrical, and in a uniform manner so if you have a rug that has irregular knots, then be proud as you own an authentic oriental handmade rug.

Check The Fringe At The End

If the knots on the underside of your rug are not telling you the complete story, then check the fringes at the end of your rug. The fringes will not lie and you can easily spot the difference between a handmade rug and a machine-made rug.

If the fringes are a continuation of the rug itself and look natural then it is a handmade rug. The handmade rug continues towards the fringe and it is an extension of the rug. But if the fringes look added on or artificially fixed or attached with glue or sewn with a machine then it is a machine-made rug. Mostly the fringe is attached after the completion of the rug in case of machine-made. You will instantly notice whether the fringe is added after the completion of the rug or if the rug ends naturally with a fringe.

Handmade Rugs Have Distinct Variations In Their Colors

In the case of handmade rugs, every single process is done by hand, manually, from the start to the end. Starting from choosing the material or thread and then dyeing it by hand and then drying and making knots on hand looms. The dyeing of the threads is done in separate batches which results in a few color differences causing the rug to have no uniform colors in the rug pattern. Whereas in the case of a machine-made rug, the machine dyes the thread together so there is no color variation but all the colors in a pattern follow the same path and the design looks well sculpted and uniform.

White Grid Lines

Machine-made rugs will show prominent white lines on the back of the rug proving that they are made by computers whereas no such thing will be prominent in the case of a handmade oriental rug.

Check The Edges

Another thing to look for in a handmade rug is the edges. The edges are overcast manually in an oriental handmade rug whereas, in a machine-made rug, the edges are sewn by a machine.


Surely after reading the above, you can easily spot the differences between a handmade oriental rug and a machine-made rug. So, you know what to see when you want to buy an original and authentic hand-made rug and no rug seller can easily fool you.

A handmade oriental rug is a class on its own. You do not need to worry about it losing its value and significance. You can pass it to generations and it will remain the same. If you maintain and clean it regularly. To save money, you should look for wholesale oriental rugs Northern VA. They will cost much lesser than an oriental rug at a retail price.

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