April 20, 2024

Even though air conditioner compressors are tough and rigid components but require regular inspection and maintenance to prevent failure. A compressor turns warm air into cool air, which helps you relax and keep comfortable when the sun is blazing outside. And since it is an expensive component that can only be installed by HVAC repair services, it is important that you consider some tips that will help prevent a failure. Let’s discuss!

Check For Leaking Refrigerant

If you observe that your air conditioner is slowly losing the ability to produce cool air, it most probably means that the refrigerant is leaking. There are several reasons contributing to the issue. For instance, if you have recently serviced your unit, someone might have cracked or damaged the compressor or a pipe that might be leaking the refrigerant gas.

In such a case, you will need an expert to fix the issue as you won’t be able to do it yourself. Plus, some states have strict regulations pertaining to AC leaks that only allow licensed individuals to work on the issue due to environmental and hazardous effects.

Plus, if you notice that your unit is failing to cool down the room, you should immediately turn it off. This means that the refrigerant gas has leaked and the compressor will work harder, ultimately leading to a failure.

Only Hire Qualified HVAC Professionals

A compressor failure can also occur if a leaking refrigerant line has been fixed the wrong way. It might be that an inexperienced repairman has filled the lines or the compressor with too much refrigerant gas or even the wrong type of refigerant. Such mistakes can easily cost you your compressor.

This is why it is important that you only hire qualified HVAC professionals to repair the leakage. While searching for the right individual, you will come across many who will be offering their services at a price that is lower than the market average. That might seem provocative but you should not risk damaging your unit.

Replacing a compressor is costly and that is the last thing you would want when you could have hired a professional for the task.

Get The Right Replacements

There is yet again another reason for hiring HVAC professionals. The thing is from the outside almost all replacements look the same but the specifications might be slightly different. If you were to opt for the wrong replacement, you could easily end up damaging the entire unit.

If the situation demands that the compressor or any other important component needs replacement, you should first consult a qualified technician. At the same time, consult the user’s manual and see if you can find any recommendations. That is the best way to make your money worth it.

Keep The Coils Clean

Coils are as important as components like compressor and condenser etc. They play an important role in cooling the air and tend to get accumulate dust and dirt over time. As a result, the coils are not able to dispel heat properly, which puts them under extreme stress.

If the coils come under stress, then other components like the compressor will share a portion of the stress as well. The reason is the compressor works extra hard to expel the heat. This is why it is important that you keep the coils clean to prevent the compressor from failing.

Inspect Wiring

Air conditioners run using electricity. If an electrical problem occurs in an HVAC system, it will lead to acid buildup in the machine. This can lead to the deterioration of several parts including the compressor. These acids can only be detected by a technician using special tools.

What this means is that regular maintenance is equally important too. Every manufacturer recommends thorough maintenance once or twice each year to detect cracks or damages before they turn serious. Otherwise, if left ignored, even the smallest issues can easily turn serious and result in expensive replacements or you may have to get a new HVAC unit altogether.

Final Word

That’s it. Preventing a compressor failure is possible if you follow the above tips. Make sure to regularly inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit and only hire qualified air conditioner repair services DC for the task. This will help you keep the unit in perfect running condition for years to come.

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