June 22, 2024

Outdoor swimming pool with water, Kemer, Turkey

When it comes to revamping a hotel, there are no concrete rules as to how it should all go down as long as practicality meets aesthetics. To attract guests, hotels should offer visual appeal, security, ease, and convenience. Just as retail stores perform retail remodel to upgrade their space and attract customers, you should follow the same strategy for your hotel. So, if your hotel is a few years old, you could use some important renovation tips that will help keep it looking new and fresh.

Refresh The Hotel’s Exterior

The first thing that comes to mind when revamping a hotel is updating the exterior. Without even setting foot, the customers will develop the first impression just by looking at the exterior. This means the exterior should be welcoming, warm, and refreshing.

From driveways to walkways, there is a lot you can do to please the customer’s eye. To begin with, you should perform a thorough inspection of the exterior and note down areas that need repairs. The exterior should not have cracks and be properly painted.

Next, you could also hire a landscaping company to install trees, shrubs, and plants and look after them as well. This is surely going to cost you but is the first step towards attracting customers.

Refresh The Entrance

You might be confused thinking that refreshing the exterior and entrance is the same thing, which is not the case. The entrance of the hotel sets the tone for the customers to stay. Sometimes, the customers simply walk in to take a look at the interior and how they are welcomed.

If you have someone at the door waiting to greet the customers, they are most likely to stay. If you want to make the customers feel relaxed and at peace, you should come up with a lobby space where they could spend some time and unwind.

However, if you are revamping your hotel, you will need to work on additional features such as a gym, swimming pool, etc.

Modernize Public Areas

If your hotel does not have a public area, you should come up with one and modernize it. Modern guests would want to feel accommodated, productive, and relaxed. If you have guests bringing their work along, you could create semi-private spaces where they can make phone calls or carry out private conversations.

At the same time, open a game room where guests and their children could spend some time or install a small community table where guests and their families could gather to have meals together. Keep in mind that you should fall into the trend trap.

Focus on practicality rather than aesthetics and other luxury features. The new style should hold up for years to come. Therefore, the involvement of a commercial remodeling McLean contractor critical.

Give The Guests A Spa Treatment

After a long day’s work, the first thing the guests like to do is unwind themselves by taking a good shower. This means that they will be spending a good amount of time in the bathroom. That said, you need to revamp the bathrooms to give your guests the spa treatment.

If you have the budget, consider upgrading showerheads and installing jets in suite tubs. However, if you do not have the budget for such items, you can still opt for high-quality towels, robes, and other necessities to make your guests feel expensive.

Maximize The Space Available In Guest Rooms

Different hotels have different types of customers checking in. If you are living in an area where travelers from other countries tend to visit for tours and explore the area, you should maximize the space available in guest rooms since they will be bringing sufficient baggage along.

Plus, if the rooms cannot be extended, you will need to come up with clever ideas to make the most of the minimal space. You could opt for wall hooks, tucked-away storage and consider digital connectivity as travelers need to be in contact with their families and friends. This can be done even if you’re on a tight budget.

Once the guests are provided with all they need, they won’t focus or pay attention to the minor things that could break the deal in the future.

Invest In Integrated Hotel Software

Investing in integrated hotel software is key to a successful running hotel. Software that communicates with all the technology installed in the hotel will add to the convenience of both the staff and the guests. The primary purpose of integrated hotel software is to convey information.

In addition to customer relationship management, the integrated software will help you manage inventory, property, revenue, etc. This way, you will not need to put in manual effort wasting your time and efforts.

Introduce An App

Although, introducing an app is not directly linked to revamping the hotel but indirectly adds to the convenience of the guests. You should keep in mind that smartphones have become personal computers. Users tend to conduct business and other important tasks on their smartphones.

This means that your hotel should have an app that can be downloaded and used by customers for booking, ordering food, etc. If the customers have to personally visit to get things done each time, they most likely won’t choose you in the future.

Turn Extra Spaces Into Rooms

If your hotel has some extra spaces you can use, you should try to turn them into practical spaces such as cigar rooms. This is where businessmen can not only relax and unwind but also conduct private business conversations. Furthermore, you can also come up with a small playing area for toddlers.

The objective here is to offer the guests with extra features that your competitors don’t. Such features may not be profitable but will surely make your guests think twice before choosing your competitors over you.

Upgrade The Security System

Security is the most important feature you could offer to your guests. Privacy especially for travelers holds utmost importance when they are looking for the best hotels to stay in. Gone are the days when guests were provided with keys to unlock their doors.

Today, hotels provide smart cards and even fingerprint security to keep the rooms secure while the guests are out and exploring the area. Plus, you should also install security cameras that allow the guests to keep an eye on their rooms and belongings while they are away.

Furthermore, the security system should also secure the parking area as well. Believe it or not, guests with expensive vehicles will need top-notch parking and simply refuse to stay at your hotel if they feel the parking is not up to their expectations.

For unique and super expensive cars, you can create separate parking spaces to prevent regular vehicles and the public from going near them, reducing the chances of damage. At the same time, the guests should be able to easily reach their vehicles without putting in too much effort and time.

You can install lifts that will take the customers straight to the parking area from their rooms.


Revamping your hotel is all about identifying gaps and introducing facilities and features that help you stand out. You will have to think it through and be smart with your decisions. In addition to the tips mentioned above, consult hotel or condo remodel DC contractors to ensure your money is spent the right way.

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