June 22, 2024

Commercial deep fryers are commonly used in restaurants and cafes. If the thermostat of your commercial deep fryer becomes faulty, it can ruin the food cooked in it. You may require the help of a commercial appliances repair service for checking your appliance and replacing the faulty components.

Calibrating A Commercial Deep Fryer Thermostat

Before going on to replace the thermostat of your deep fryer, you should calibrate it. This is because many times, the thermostat is fine but the fryer needs calibration to detect the correct temperature of the oil inside the frypot.

Use the below steps to calibrate the thermostat of your commercial deep fryer:

  1. Remove most of the oil from the frypot and keep a small amount in it that will be used for determining the temperature and if the deep fryer has been calibrated correctly.
  2. Check the on/off of the fryer and make sure that it is OFF.
  3. Ignite the pilot light of the deep fryer.
  4. Use a high-grade individual thermometer. Lower its tip into the frypot. Make sure that the tip of the thermometer touches the thermostat guard.
  5. Locate the set screw and stop screw and loosen both the screws. After this, you can take out the thermostat shaft extension. A small slot will be exposed.
  6. Turn the fryer switch to the ON position. Keep note that it’s not necessary that the burner will start at this point. If the burner doesn’t start, this doesn’t hint at a malfunctioning thermostat.
  7. Use a flat screwdriver to gently turn the shaft counterclockwise. Make sure you’re slow with the movement and stop when the burner lights.
  8. Keep checking the temperature of the oil on the thermometer. When the temperature reaches 325 Fahrenheit or 162 Centigrade, turn the shaft clockwise until the burner turns off.
  9. Wait for 5 minutes.
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 three times for ensuring accuracy.
  11. After calibration, turn on the fryer normally and check if its burner lights at the correct temperature. Do it three times as well.
  12. Once you’re satisfied with the calibration, put the fryer switch in OFF position and disconnect its power cord.
  13. Replace the thermostat shaft extension. During this, make sure to keep the stop screw pointed up. Tighten the screws while ensuring that the flexible shaft doesn’t rotate with the screws.
  14. Close the control panel and tighten its screws.
  15. Put the thermostat knob back in its position. Its pointer should be at 325 Fahrenheit level.
  16. Restore the power supply to the deep fryer and check your commercial deep fryer again.

Replacing Hi-Limit Thermostat (For Fryers That Have Thermostat Controls)

These are general instructions for changing a faulty thermostat with a new one for a commercial deep fryer. Some steps may differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the commercial deep fryer.

  1. Before starting anything, remove the deep fryer’s power cord from the outlet and make sure it’s not receiving any power.
  2. Drain the frypot.
  3. Loosen or remove the screws of the thermostat knob and take out the knob.
  4. Unscrew the screws you see on the left and right corners of the control panel.
  5. After this, remove the control panel. Beware of the engaged tabs of the control panel in the mounting frame. Disengage them carefully.
  6. Remove the cords of the thermostat from the gas valve pilot coil and then remove the thermostat as well.
  7. Install the new thermostat. If you haven’t bought one, it’s a good opportunity to take the removed thermostat with you so you can get the correct one.
  8. Install the thermostat back in its place and apply a thread sealant.
  9. Connect the cords of the thermostat from the gas valve pilot coil.
  10. Put back the control panel and engage its hinges.
  11. Tighten the screws of the control panel that you removed from its left and right corners.
  12. Put the thermostat knob and tighten its screws as well.


If the thermostat of a commercial dishwasher is not calibrated or is faulty, the oil in the fryer won’t be heated as required. It may heat up too much making the food hard or it may not heat up enough to deep fry the food. So, consult a deep fryer repair Alexandria expert to calibrate the appliance or replace its thermostat.

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