May 21, 2024

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If you own a restaurant or any building which is of commercial use, then drainage and sewerage issues will be a common problem that may need the attention of a drain contractor.

When Should You Get Your Commercial Drains Cleaned?

You might have built a huge high-end restaurant with an up-to-date drainage system. But with time and usage, your drainage pipes and lines will get clogged and blocked, there will be sewerage issues, water backup, and wear and tear of the pipeline. Even the best drainage pipes need regular inspection and cleaning, especially when it uses commercial drainage and sewerage pipelines.

A commercial drain such as in a restaurant or a building is used extensively and a lot of fats, grease, oils, food debris, soap scum, and other small objects are washed down the drains. So, it is important to get your commercial drains cleaned and inspected every 18 months and it is best for the drainage if it is done on an annual basis.

Why Should You Get Your Commercial Drainage System Cleaned?

The Clogging Issues

With the passage of time, food particles, food debris, washing liquid scum, and many food peels, fats, and oils all get accumulated and deposited in the internal sewerage pipes and drainage lines. The oils and fats solidify as they go further down the pipes and then attract all other debris to them.

This all leads to obstructions and clogs which hardens. This blocks the easy flow of water and causes problems such as slow-moving water, frequent water backup, gurgling water sounds, smelly drains, and other sewerage issues. If the clogs become severe then the water blockage will create havoc in the restaurant drainage.

Leakage Problems

Once the clog increases and becomes severe then the intensity of the clog might also lead to damage and leakage of the pipelines. The damage will cause the water to leak into the main sewerage system and also outside the restaurant or a commercial building. The wastewater leakage can lead to sewerage issues outside your commercial property.

A small leak or crack can cause huge problems and you may not even be able to use the drainage till it is repaired or in severe cases replaced. This may even lead you to shut down your commercial business for some time and you may incur heavy losses.

The Biohazard Issue

Wastewater and dirty drainage water is full of bacteria and chemicals and completely unsafe for people, animals, and plantations. In fact, it can lead to contamination, health hazards, and illnesses. When the water is leaked into a nearby property or a restaurant or a building then you are causing others to get exposed to it. If it enters the land and property surrounding your commercial property then all the plants and small animals may die.

The Legal Issue

There are certain laws and regulations pertaining to each country and city regarding the health sector. If you go against the rules and regulations or do not timely comply with them then you may face severe consequences. The health industry may come from time to time to check your commercial drains and if they find flaws, then you will have to pay hefty fines.

Also, if the wastewater causes any health hazards to the nearby areas and the people living there then you will be accused and may even be sued and dragged to court. The result of which is that your hard-earning business could be shut down and you will have to face penalties as well. You should check with your local laws concerning the commercial drainage and sewerage system and cleaning.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Drainage problems are a huge hassle, especially when it comes to commercial drainage. You cannot shut down your drainage system. But if you don’t get it cleaned regularly then you may face costly repairs and sometimes you may even need replacement of the whole drainage system. This can be extremely costly and will require a lot of time and hassle and you will also then have to temporarily shut down your commercial kitchen.


If you want to avoid the above mentioned severe problems and want your commercial business to run smoothly then get your building’s drains and sewage cleaned in 12 to 18 months by a commercial drain cleaning service.

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