July 13, 2024

Outdoor setup for wedding reception

Indeed, weddings are important in one’s life. They mark a new life chapter for the groom and bride. Overall, weddings signify two individuals coming together to share a life with each other. Hence, it makes sense for a wedding ceremony to be beautiful and symbolic. And that is not possible without a good wedding tent rentals company.

When it comes to wedding tents, the biggest confusion is about the various options in the market. Just like everything else, wedding tents also come in a range of shapes and sizes. So, it is important to understand the pros and cons of different wedding tents before choosing.

Common wedding tents available in the market

In this article, we put together the most commonly available wedding tents available in the market. Our goal is to help you choose the right type of tent for a glamorous wedding.

Pole tents

First off, we have the pole tents. These are incredibly common and among the most widely chosen options. Basically, pole tents have a central beam in the center that holds the tent in place.

At the same time, the remaining part of the tent is supported with wiring on the outer side. Overall, this gives a very peak look to the entire wedding venue. Hence, they are suitable for venues where there is grass or soft ground. That is because inserting a pole inside a concrete floor would not be possible.

Frame tents

Frame party tents are also common outdoor tents. They feature a metallic frame interior that provides structure to the tent. On top of it, a cloth is set, and the tent is shaped in various frames depending on one’s choice.

Hence, frame tents are very versatile, and, in this option, you can get almost any style that you like. The market is full of various options. However, this would depend on the tenting company that you visit. Some wedding tent rental companies might only have a limited number of options.

Furthermore, these tents are perfect for some decorations such as fairy lights, which simply add a lot of delicacy to the wedding event. Though, due to their versatility, frame tents are far more expensive as compared with pole tents.

Sailcloth tent

Next up, we have the sale cloth tent that is like a pole tent. However, these tents make use of a sailcloth material which is quite silky. Hence, they are made of handwoven silky cloth that gives a very luxurious feel to the entire wedding venue.

Though, they are intricate and delicate. Hence, setting them up is a hefty process. Due to this reason, they are more expensive than pole tents and frame tents.

Clear tent

Lastly, clear tents are also very common. These tents are just like other tents, but the only difference is that they come with a vinyl top that is clear. Hence, they let light in and are perfect for outdoor weddings during the daytime where outdoor light might be a requirement. However, they are not suited for the summer season when the sun shines directly above the head.


The above-mentioned tents are the most common options available in the market. Now that you know about it, what is stopping you from reaching out and finalizing the right tent for a glamorous wedding even? To make your event memorable for your guests, make sure that you are making a timeless choice.

This way, your wedding will look relatable in pictures even after a decade from now. For that, reach out to the best party tent rentals Rockville NY company. Only choose the best option available to get the best service.

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