July 21, 2024

New home construction with installation of heating system in basement of house under remodeling

Without a doubt, heating equipment is an important part of your home. After all, when it is snowing outside, you must feel comfortable in your house. And that cannot happen without heating equipment. However, many people overlook their care and ignore their heat pump repair until things get worse.

Well, heat pumps are not the only options for heating the house. There are plenty of other options too such as various types of furnaces.

Is it time for oil furnace replacement?

This article concerns itself with particularly with the oil furnaces. So, if you own an oil furnace, how would you know that is time to replace/repair it? For a layman, the signs could be very subtle and easy to ignore. But after reading this article, you will know when your oil furnace needs attention.

With that, we also suggest you keep some back-up heating options such as a chimney fireplace. This way, you can always rely on it if your primary equipment shuts down temporarily.

It has been years

First, you must note that oil furnaces have a life too. This applies to nearly every other household equipment. So, if you are using the oil furnace from more than 15 years, it might be the time to replace it now.

At this point, chances are that the oil furnace does not work efficiently anymore. And hence, your utilities costs may also be high.

To check how old the oil furnace is, check the serial number on your equipment and put in in the manufacturer’s website. Or, just give your manufacturer a call and ask them about the production year of your heating or HVAC equipment.

Your bills are high

Are your bills increasing? Well, that is because your oil furnace is not efficient anymore. Well, this could be due to many reasons and it does not necessarily mean that you should change your equipment right away.

But that this point, we suggest you take the help of a professional and figure out what the root cause might be. The oil furnace expert will inspect your equipment and then take the appropriate measures to increase the efficiency of your equipment.

As a result of this, your utility costs will reduce without a reduction in the performance of the oil furnace. Furthermore, an expert will also be able to tell you whether you need a total replacement or not.

The burner flame is yellow

A flickering burner flame or yellow flame is another major cause of concern. In this case, there can be a problem with the supply of oil in the furnace. Furthermore, the yellow blame indicates incomplete combustion which would release Carbon monoxide in your house.

For humans and animals, carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. If its concentration in the surroundings increases, it can send one to the emergency room and even cause death.

If there is carbon monoxide release in your house, your family will experience frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms, and nausea. So, do not ignore such signs as they can potentially be deadly!

You did not get inspection in two years

Well, it is necessary to get oil furnace inspection before the start of every season. Such inspections are quick, and do not cost a lot. But on the brighter side, they help you in identifying potential problems that you can stop. Otherwise, these problems would simply grow and affect your equipment.


All the above-mentioned signs indicate that there could be something seriously wrong with your oil-furnace. If you notice any of these signs, then be ready to take some important measure. After all, a faulty oil-furnace can also be a life-hazard.

So, whatever issues you might be facing, do not forget to call oil burner repair services Long Island right away! The sooner you solve these issues, the lesser they will cost you.

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