June 25, 2024

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Eyelash extensions are an easier way to get longer and fuller eyelashes without the struggle of applying falsies every day. It is basically a zero-effort process. But there’s a downside too. It only lasts for a few weeks. And after a month, you might be left with a few dawdlers. Ahead, I’ve rounded up some best, hair salon experts approved tips to remove eyelash extensions safely at home.

Point To Consider

Before heading for the tips, you should know that trying to remove lashes on your own is safe for you or not. Well, the simple answer is NO. Applying or removing eyelash extensions is a delicate business, and it should be best left to the expert hairstylists.

There are many reasons behind the above statement. And the most obvious is you don’t have the right tools and skills that an eyelash technician has.

But there’s still a way when there’s no way. Even though you don’t have the tools and the expertise, you got alternative tips. And these tips are professionally approved to help you get rid of stubborn lagers safely.

Get Yourself Into The Hot Shower

All those precautions that your lash technician told you to follow, now you’re allowed to avoid them. Heat and moisture are the enemies of lash adhesives. And taking a bath hot bath will help you shorten the lifespan of eyelash extensions. So, those strongly adhere extensions will fall off sooner.

But, keep in mind that the extensions are not going to come out in one wash. You have to wait for a few weeks. Also, be careful not to rub or pick on the lashes. Doing so will not help the process to fasten up.

Put On Some Mascara

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I am not telling you to put on some makeup and avoid the problem.

Mascara will help you get rid of the left behind extensions. It uses oil and waxes to make your lashes look voluminous and long. And these ingredients can help you loosen up the lash adhesives. Don’t be surprised if all the stragglers come off within a week.

The mascara and the eyeliner will also help you mask over the remaining dangling extensions until the day they come off. And to speed up the process, you can use oil-based makeup removers by the end of the day to remove the mascara.

Start Using Oil-Based Makeup Removers

Just as I mentioned above, oil-based makeup remover will help you get rid of the lash extensions fast. So, if you’re missing on your appointments or want to give your natural lashes a break, try using an oil-based makeup remover. But remember to be gentle on the lash line. Don’t be harsh or rub too vigorously.

Mainly, surgical-grade glue is used as an adhesive for eyelash extensions. And the Glycols in oil-based makeup removers will help dissolve the bond between adhesives. Also, the vitamin C and E in the remover will help nourish your lashes.

Use Some Castor Oil

This tip is going to work best if you want to remove the eyelash extensions overnight. Castor oil is proven to remove your lash extensions fast. It dissolves the adhesive bonds overnight and gets you rid of the extensions. Some other oils that work the same way as castor oil are:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Mineral Oil

You’re definitely not going to use castor oil as a makeup remover. But you have to use it after your makeup removal as a part of your evening skincare routine. Apply the castor oil with a spoolie and try not to get the oil in your eyes. Also, castor oil is well-known to nourish your natural lashes and provide volume. But, be careful. Do not use castor oil if you’re allergic to it.

What Not To Do?

After getting familiar with all the tips, now it’s time to know what not to do. Well, you’re not allowed to pick on your lashes. And if you’re thinking that along with the tips, picking up on lashes will fasten the process. Then, you’re definitely wrong. Even doing so will damage your natural eyelashes as well. To avoid problems, take help from eyelash extension salons. Ask them how to safely put on and remove artificial eyelashes. hypno

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