May 21, 2024

Air Conditioenr Maintenance technician adding refrigerent

During the summer season, air conditioners work round the clock to keep your house cool and comfortable. However, sometimes they might not perform at their max and you might observe some unusual signs that call for an inspection and air conditioning service repair. One of the most common AC problems relates to ice buildup on pipes. Let’s discuss what causes the AC pipes to freeze and how you can fix the issue.

Not Enough Airflow Over Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil is one of the most important components of an air conditioner. When warm air passes over this coil, the refrigerant inside the air conditioner helps remove the heat from the air. The cooled air then returned to your home.

However, if the airflow over the evaporator coil is low, the refrigerant might be trying to cool the air, which isn’t actually there. As a result, the refrigerant pipes might freeze. Therefore, check if debris or dirt and dust accumulation are restricting the airflow.

Check The Air Filter

No matter how much it is stressed, the majority of homeowners ignore the importance of air filters. One can underestimate the significance of air filters but then cannot avoid the consequences at the same time. Air filters might seem a minor component from the outside but can create lots of trouble down the road.

They are designed to keep the toxins and contaminants away from your house. If the AC filter is clogged, the airflow will be restricted, again leading to freezing pipes. To prevent such a situation, you should replace the air filters or at least clean them.

Check The AC Vents

If the air filters along with the airflow over the evaporator coil are fine, you should check the AC vents. In fact, you should check both the return and supply vents. While the supply vents are designed to push cool air into your home, the return vents are designed to bring warm air into the air conditioning system. If either of these vents tends to be clogged, it could seriously impact the airflow. At the same time, make sure they are in an open position.

Low Refrigerant Level

The majority of the homeowners are not aware of the fact that low refrigerant levels can also cause the pipes to freeze. If the refrigerant level happens to be low, it could cause a decrease in the temperature and freeze up the pipes.

In addition to that, most homeowners also believe that their units need refilling every year, which is not true. Refrigerant moves inside the air conditioner in a loop and if the levels are dropping, it means there is a leak. Furthermore, you will also observe an increase in the monthly energy bills or bubbling or hissing sounds.

Can I Fix The Issue Myself?

Air conditioners comprise several different parts that work together to produce both warm and cool air. Components such as the compressor and evaporator coils are not only expensive but risky to play around with. Since air conditioners utilize electricity to run, you might get an electric shock.

Therefore, you may try to determine the issue but when it comes to replacement or repairing, it is better to contact a professional. Moreover, if the air conditioner is under warranty, you should contact the AC manufacturer for repairs.

Can Maintenance Prevent Frozen AC Pipes?

Yes, thorough maintenance and inspection can help prevent many other types of expensive complications as well. Depending on the region, manufacturers recommend professional inspection and maintenance at least once every year. This ensures that your air conditioner is always working in tip-top condition and any potential problems can be identified and fixed before they turn worse.

On the other hand, while hiring an expert for the task, make sure that you opt for a licensed and certified individual. There are many out there that are willing to offer their services at a lower price. That might be tempting but you are most likely to end up with additional problems in the future.

Final Word

Ice buildup on AC pipes has some common reasons. Make sure that you look after the unit and consult air conditioning companies Chantilly if the problem seems complicated.

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